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Spotlight On
Francis Sultana


6 September 2017

London-based Francis Sultana has been producing some great work lately. Interesting, layered and colour intelligent!


It has been noted that Francis is the ‘it’ designer for international collectors and I can see why. This image resembles class and sophistication but it oozes with classic features that are timeless in this industry! The green velvet chair works very well with the neutral accessories. Who would have thought?

Our Occasional Chair Collection has similar features and they are available in our online store. You don’t have to look very far for inspiration!


An art collector by profession, he started doing interiors for a select few of his collector clients and it soon blossomed into a fully-fledged interior design practice. Today, Francis Sultana is featured in the prestigious AD100 list, cited as one of Wallpaper’s Top 20 Interior Designers, and listed on the House & Garden 100 and in AD France Top Interior Designers.


Both his furniture designs and his interiors favour the periods of the 1920s and 1930s, combined with a use of noble materials such as bronze. Francis employs artisanal skills and techniques across much of his work which is both limited edition as well as bespoke. He plays on abstract themes with timeless furniture pieces that mends in with the cutting-edge sculptures and paintings.


Look at the use of colour in this image: Purple, gold with some weird grey tone, but it works! The colours do not rely on each other as they are making statements on their own, but with them placed in one setting, they simply connect the designs!


The electrifying genres used in this room is enough to make any Interior Designer go nuts. The sculptural pieces are out of this world and not necessarily something I would go for, but it makes the furniture pop. Not modern furniture, but such a modern and tasteful design.


The floor lamp is something that I have never seen in my life, but it contributes to the feel of this home. Walking in, everything might seem normal with its soft colour palettes, but when you start exploring you will see the extraordinary and the daring features that unveils the inspiration behind his work.


This wonderland-journey is nothing short of sculptures and paintings. You will find one behind every door, on top of every table and one in front of every colourful inspiration!


See what I mean?



Hideous woman, but her hair is beautifully painted. She’s a feature, and I am happy to see her here. We have some great classic photographs on the Robert-Thomson website. If this is the look you are going for, take a look at what we can offer you.


Francis Sultana is also the Creative Director of the David Gill Gallery in London, so it definitely explains the vast use of artwork in his spaces. His love for cutting-edge contemporary designs freely centers the furniture that he uses for his projects.


He is the type of designer that will make sure all his spaces are filled, whether it is a sculpture or even a little piano creeping from afar – he will make it appear perfectly!



A lot of the furniture pieces featured in a Francis Sultana project is limited edition, so you won’t see it anywhere else. I love the neutral colours in this room with the purple piece that makes a feature on its own.



I doubt that they would stay, but these colourful, extraordinary pots look good with the roaring fire in the background. The photographer knew what he was going for… I don’t. We have some very interesting Jonathan Adler vases available on our website with artistic references that you might like. Have a look at them here.



I love everything about this picture! The chandelier is definitely another highlight for me. I also think the position of the chandelier is perfect, because whether you are going up or going down, you have to look at it! If you miss it, there must be something wrong with you.



See what I mean by the velvet textures? The timeless furniture features in this house works for me.




This was a different project led by Francis Sultana. You can see some of the famous Sultana elements oozing through the interior. It is nothing short of glamour!